Learn more about how Pussy Pads came to be...
Did you know that disposable tampons, pads and panty liners along with their packaging generate more than 200,000 tonnes of plastic waste per year, and they all contain plastic – in fact pads are around 90% plastic!
Before I started Pussy Pads, I had been using reusable menstrual pads for a year and I was hooked. They were soft, they were comfortable, they kept me protected, and most of all they helped me lead a more earth conscious lifestyle. But those I found on the internet didn’t really seem as stylish as I thought they could be. Although no one else can see them, I could and I wanted them to be pretty and sophisticated!
​And so began Pussy Pads!
 Pussy Pads brings you 100% premium cotton menstrual cloth pads for people who are seeking alternative, comfortable and environment friendly sanitary products. I want to help people talk about their periods, raise awareness of everything to do with our menstrual cycles and therefore educate younger generations in the facts about their bodies and the also the impact their choices have on the environment.
​These handmade cloth pads come in many sizes and fit almost everyone’s need, but custom orders are incredibly welcomed. If you have any special requests please send us a message! These pads will make you feel excited about your menstrual cycle, with so many pretty patterns to choose from you could match them with your mood. Pussy Pads are beautiful, comfortable, breathable and super easy to wash as well!
​If you wish to ask me any questions I am more than happy to answer them. Please contact me via FacebookInstagram or email p.ssypads@gmail.com
Leonie hand makes all your pads in her studio at home on the border of Wales. She lives with her wood obsessed, boat building fiancée and their rescue cat Elsa.