How do I use cloth pads?
1. Place your Pussy Pad in your underwear pretty side facing up, the cotton fabric will go against your skin and the fleece against your underwear.
2. Fasten the snaps underneath your underwear and your good to go! Change your pads as often as you would disposables or as often as your are comfortable.
3. When you are finished using your reusable pad you may wish to fold as demonstrated, with the used side folded in. You can then place the pad in a reusable wet bag! When you are ready to wash your pads you can unfold and pop in your washing machine.

Why should I use cloth pads? How are they good for the environment?
The answer to this question is many fold. A few reasons are disposable pads are mostly made from plastic and bleached paper pulp. These and nappies are what fill a very large percentage of landfills nowadays. Other reasons include... perfume and bleach used in making pads can be absorbed into your skin and cause rashes and skin reactions. Reusable pads can also save you money in the long run, not having to buy disposables every month.

How many do I need?
This depends on every unique person. You can start by working out how many disposables you use in a month. It also depends on whether you want to wash your pads every few days or at the end of the month. The average amount seems to be around 20-25 (of varying absorbencies) but you could half this if you have the means to wash them every few days. Bare in mind a cloth pad can air dry in 12-24hrs depending on the temperature of your home.

Which length and flow do I need?
You can match the flow and length you use in disposables with what you will need to use as a reusable. You can get a ruler and measure up your old disposables in inches to find what you need! For comparison a liner is usually 7-8", an Always Normal day pad is 9", a heavy pad can be 10" and a night time pad can be 12".
reusable pads next to disposable pads reusable pads next to disposable pads reusable pads next to disposable pads measuring a disposable pad

What does the label on the pads mean?
The little pink indicator labels on your pads will tell you what flow your pad is. 
L= Light. M = Moderate. H = Heavy. PP = Post Partum.

How often should I change cloth pads?
Cloth pads should be changed at around 8 hours or when you feel they need changing. A good general rule is to change them when you would usually change a disposable pad.

Do cloth pads smell?
You know that strange smell disposables have when you've used them? That comes from the perfumes (that are trying to sell you the image of intimate cleanliness!) and chemicals mixing with your period and making it smell. Cloth pads come with none of that and therefore cause no smell. 

Aren't cloth pads unhygienic?
Cloth pads or rags were all women used up until a few decades ago! Most women think it may be a bit gross until they use them and see that it is similar to people that keep a hanky, use it a few times and then wash it along with the rest of their clothes! Or if you got blood from your arm on a shirt, you wouldn't worry over it.

How do I wash my cloth pads?
Please go to my Cloth Pad Care page here.

Which way up do I use Pussy Pads?
Pretty side facing up. Many pad makers make their pads differently, some can be pretty fabric side down or PUL on the back towards your knickers. I have the pretty side up because the topper fabric can be crucial in absorbency grade and because that's the part you've chosen because you like it! Of course you'd want to see it!

What is the width of the pads when snapped, and why does this matter?
Slim - 2.5"  This width is best for smaller people, teens and lighter flows.
Standard - 2.75"  This width is good for most people.
Wide - 3"  This width is good for larger people and heavy flows.

Can you use cloth pads when out and about?
Yes definitely! All you need is fresh pads out with you during the day and maybe a wet bag to put them in.

What is the lifetime of a cloth pad?
A cloth pad can last many years if cared for properly. Follow washing instructions carefully. Tumble dryers and fabric conditioner can reduce the lifespan of pads.

What stops cloth pads from moving around?
Pussy Pads are backed with fabrics that reduces slipping via friction. This is paired with wings and kam snaps, as shown, which makes for a very securely held pad! This is also why Pussy Pads also refer not to use PUL as an outside backer material.
Its also best to use your biggest, comfortable full size underwear with cloth pads. I make thong liners but those are a day to day liner not for the week of your period.

Will cloth pads be absorbent enough for me?
Yes, cloth pads are actually more absorbent than disposables because the fabrics used to absorb your period are made exactly for that. (And for cloth nappies!) Lots of people suffering from Endometriosis, PCOS and other conditions that cause a heavy period flow.

Can I wear my Pussy Pad immediately?
You can but it is always best to wash once before use to help increase absorbency. (Never use fabric conditioner as this reduces absorbency.)

Are Pussy Pads organic or vegan?
No, a completely organic pad would not be waterproof, as it is near on impossible to get a waterproof organic backer. Some of the cores I use are organic but not all.
It is also not possible for me to say that my pads are vegan because pesticides may have been used to produce the plants that make the fabrics.
But in general cloth pads are more ethical than disposables.

Do you ship outside the UK?
Yes I do, although please do check timings and disruptions to your country during the COVID19 pandemic.

Can I make special requests?
Of course! The beauty of cloth pads is that you can have a pad made unique to you! We are all different and so it our period and how we relate to it. If I can make your monthly more comfortable and fun I am happy to do so.

Why don't you do certain fabric toppers?
I am still learning! There are some fabrics I am used to sewing and some that I am not. I'd rather sell a quality made pad with experience than a squiffy one! I am practising in the background but am still not up to scratch in my eyes. :)

Why the name Pussy Pads?
Why not! I understand that it can make some people cringe, some people may think its disrespectful but I feel its the time to take the word back from misogynists and the patriarchy. It's punchy, confident and no ones going to forget my business very quickly. ;-)
Also did you know the word C*nt actually derives from the word Queen?